We offer a wide range of high level the quality alteration,tailoring and dressmaking services at reasonable price.

We cater for individual needs with a personal touch and we offer solutions to repair defective garments according to our customers’ desires.

We are equipped with industrial style sewing machines to cater for our sewing needs. Our skills also include attention to detail, creativity and the ability to complete the job within the required time frame.

We are committed to delivering accurate alterations and dressmaking to ensure a perfect fit to meet our customer satisfaction, no matter how small the job is.

So don’t despair if your favourite outfit has a fault, simply bring it to Penny Clothing Alteration and Dressmaking and let us think of a solution for you. We will help you transform it to your desire and voila, you will have a fresh new outfit with a flattering look.

Do not panic if other tailors cannot alter your dress, bring it to us and we will be able to alter it for you.